Why I want to write a pregnancy blog, but can’t.


I had always thought that I would write about my second pregnancy. Approximately 40 weeks of logging and sharing my womb’s who, what, why. Unfortunately, the idea is great in theory, just not so great in practice. After 8 months, my uterus is still vacant *sigh*. I may just have to adapt and focus my writing on something else? I can’t just keep waiting around hoping my body will change its mind one month. I mean, what if it never happens?! Eek!

I have thought about writing a blog on the trials and tribulations of a 30-somethings challenge to conceive. However, after spending these long months hoping and wishing, my emotions are running high and it could all get too heavy. All I really wanted was an honest, light-hearted, preferably humorous, recount of my pregnancy journey. Sure, there’s an audience for both. I’m just not sure I could bare that part of my soul. Especially with an audience that could mainly consist of complete strangers.   Read More

Mumma’s very first post


O#1Let me start this inaugural post by saying; trying to create a domain name/blog name was a freaking nightmare!!!

After looking at the limited variations of mum, mummy, mama, mother etc and trying to be clever and witty, whilst looking at every angle of word play, I still hadn’t had any success. I was about to top myself! Seriously, I was ready to fist the hundreds of words I had messed around with down my throat and choke on them. I felt it  would probably be just as productive as the days of brain farting I had spent over the last couple of months. As I was madly working overtime on this I had the words “all work and no play makes (me a) Jack(arse) a(nd) dull boy” constantly swirling around in my head.  Read More