Mumma’s very first post


O#1Let me start this inaugural post by saying; trying to create a domain name/blog name was a freaking nightmare!!!

After looking at the limited variations of mum, mummy, mama, mother etc and trying to be clever and witty, whilst looking at every angle of word play, I still hadn’t had any success. I was about to top myself! Seriously, I was ready to fist the hundreds of words I had messed around with down my throat and choke on them. I felt it  would probably be just as productive as the days of brain farting I had spent over the last couple of months. As I was madly working overtime on this I had the words “all work and no play makes (me a) Jack(arse) a(nd) dull boy” constantly swirling around in my head. 

Let’s face it, not only is every mother with child, mother with dog, mother with food baby, mother with fashionable fetish, mother with health crazed proclivity (you get the idea) writing a blog, so am I. Naturally, every name I came close to thinking was original, was taken! Or someone had already owned something similar. Geez, I thought I had ingenuity in spades. Obviously not. I’d spent so much time on this it was beyond frustrating. Time was literally flying by and I just couldn’t get it together! And to be honest the fact that I hadn’t figured out exactly what I’d be writing about, wasn’t helping. All I knew was that I was about to become just another drop in the mighty sea that is the mummy blog-o-sphere. In the end I decided to take my long list of ideas to a group of girlfriends who work in digital media and marketing. Over a few long dinners and many wines later, we narrowed it down (thank you ladies!). Then after more painful deliberation on my part, I finally bit the bullet and picked a name from the shortlist. I played around with the spelling and Mumma (what my son calls me) fication (the process/making of) was born. Hooraayy!


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