The egg before the baby


Reproductive science has come a long way and it’s giving woman like me (with not only a rapidly ticking biological clock, but other fertility issues) a better chance at conceiving. Whether it’s going through IVF, taking fertility drugs or doing something as simple as having a transvaginal – meaning through the vagina (I had to look it up) – ultrasound. I recently underwent one of these ultrasounds and it revealed a lot about my current reproductive abilities. Read More

quote: Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opionion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do" - Matt Walsh

To judge or not to judge? Being a parent is tough enough.

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I in no way believe I may remotely have, or be inclined to know any definitive answers to the crazy world that is parenting. As a parent to a preschooler, ever day can be different. Some days I think “holy mother of god, save me from this devil spawn! What the hell am I doing wrong?!”. Other days I think “YES! Mumma’s got this, I deserve a damn medal”. No matter what the day brings as a parent, all I know is that I love my child unconditionally and do the best I can to raise him in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. No one will ever love my child more than his father or I. Just as I’ll never know what’s best for someone else’s kid, no-one should assume they know what’s best for mine. Each child’s personality is different and unique, and as well as each parent’s personality being different, so too are their core beliefs and values. So there are choices I make as a parent when it comes to raising my child that may work wonderfully for me, but may not necessarily work for other parents and vice versa.
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