The egg before the baby


Reproductive science has come a long way and it’s giving woman like me (with not only a rapidly ticking biological clock, but other fertility issues) a better chance at conceiving. Whether it’s going through IVF, taking fertility drugs or doing something as simple as having a transvaginal – meaning through the vagina (I had to look it up) – ultrasound. I recently underwent one of these ultrasounds and it revealed a lot about my current reproductive abilities.

I had suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome whilst miraculously conceiving my first child 6 years ago. At the time I hadn’t had a period for almost 12 months, so you could imagine my complete surprise when Hubby and I found out I was pregnant. However, although tests and examinations in the past returned upsetting results, this ultrasound seemed to be showing my ovaries in a more positive light. The Gyno preforming the ultrasound talked me through everything whilst examining my ovaries very closely. She said that my ovaries didn’t look “overly” polycystic. I also learnt that even though I may not be releasing an egg every single month, ovulation was still occurring. She also told me that it was likely my left ovary was doing most of the work. Then the Gyno points to the screen, “from what I can see you’re actually about to release an egg from your left ovary”. In pure astonishment I think to myself “WHAT?! She can see that?!”. Waves of happiness and disbelief roll over me. The Gyno then proceeds to repeat a statistic my doctor has already informed me of, quite a number of times actually. “Even women who are reproductively quite normal and the same age as you, are only estimated to have a 20% chance of conceiving each month”. I respond with an unimpressed, “yeah, so I’ve heard”. It immediately reminded me of another statistic I recently read. That up to 50% of fertilised eggs do not properly attach to the uterus and are lost. Meaning a woman will continue to have her usual period none the wiser. They’re statistics I find not only surprising, but discouraging. I mean, not only are the odds of conceiving stacked against me, nature itself is working against me! However, I have just been shown that the opportunity to get pregnant is at hand. And there is no chance I’m letting that little egg get away without a fight.

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