My new baby making plan: must have lots of sex!

Following the good news I decided to really get “on top” 😉  of the baby making situation. After telling Hubby about the ultrasound and the impending ovulation, we decided that we needed to have LOTS of sex, like, everyday. Besides, as this would be the first time we knew for sure an egg was on its way, it was time for a change of tactic. 

Normally leading up to, during and just after the time I thought I might ovulate, we would be sure to have sex on at least two or three separate occasions during my “fertile week”, because my doctor had told me that having sex daily was not necessary. That actually, in the right conditions sperm can live for up to five days inside a women, just waiting for an egg to be released.

dsc_1402Now as serendipity would have it, Hubby and I have escaped to an exotic location to laze in the sun and eat amazing food, just the two of us (thank you grandparents). It was actually something we had booked many months prior and it’s blessed us with the luxury of uninterrupted “alone time”. So far we have managed to spend the last week just relaxing, eating, lazing on the beach, having sex, eating, having sex, lazing on the beach some more, having sex, eating and having more sex, and in that order. So glad we still have another week here in this hot sexy climate to repeat the same thing all over again. I take a deep breath and let out a relaxing “Aaahhhh”. This is exactly what we’ve needed, a romantic parental sabbatical, to give this egg the chance of fertilisation it deserves.

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