Sky high baby hopes; did our plan work?


Sadly the “conceptionmoon” is over and we’ve just returned to reality. Our holiday was pure bliss, Hubby and I really feel we milked the holiday for all it was worth and left feeling more than satisfied that we stuck to “the plan”. As sad as it was to leave, I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around my Little Guy again.

Now even though I didn’t really write much at all while I was away (on purpose. I had more important things to do 😉 ), I did think there were a couple of small things worth mentioning. Like yesterday morning, when an abrupt wave of nausea came over me. I rushed to Hubby’s side, sat down, then proceeded to fan myself wildly. I slowly pulled myself together and put it down to just being ridiculously hungry. As yuk as it was, I didn’t really give it a second thought and off to breakfast we went. Except at breakfast I started to think about how my boobs had been really sore for the last few days. However, I quickly decided that I probably shouldn’t think too much of it. Yet. 

Then today, whilst our plane proceeded to touch down on home soil, another bout of crippling nausea rushed over me. After a frantic search it became apparent Jetstar didn’t offer barf bags (discount airlines ey). So Hubby generously offered his lap, just in case of emergency vomit. Although barely, I managed to keep it together and disembarked the plane not covered in spew. This too was strangely out of the blue, as I’m a well seasoned flyer and don’t usually suffer from travel sickness. After a couple of toilet stops on the way (I just can’t seem to stop peeing), we finally arrive home. But then as soon as we walk in the door I need the toilet, again and make a bee line for the bathroom. Although, on this trip to the loo, I notice a pink discharge. Now I know my cycles are irregular, but I’m pretty sure my period isn’t due for at least another week. Hmm, okay yes, I’ll admit it’s all starting to add up, I just don’t want to get my hopes up (and be disappointed again). Although, I do have a personal stock of home pregnancy tests and they apparently detect HCG (a pregnancy hormone) up to 6 days prior to your period. However, as I don’t think that’s due for around another 7 and if I’m going to take one, I should probably wait at least another day or so. The wait will be torturous, but I know I’ll get a better result if I just hold off for a tiny bit.

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