Stick pregnancy test with question mark in indicator window

After many long months suffering from The Negative Pregnancy Test Blues. Will this test be any different?

Here we are, an anxious 2 days later. Now they do say the best results from an at home pregnancy test are given when you take one at the time of your missed period. But that could be almost a week away and there is no way I can wait that long! Even though taking pregnancy tests have become somewhat of a sport that has each time left me defeated these last 9 months. And with the possibility of yet another crushing disappointment, curiosity and hope have got the better of me. 

I sit on the toilet and begin the obligatory pee on the stick. As I pull the stick from between my legs my eyes uncontrollably dart down to the results window. Almost immediately the one pink line shows up, indicating it’s negative. Before I get bummed about it, I remind myself that the instructions state you should always wait 3 minutes for a final result. So I place the test flat on the side of the basin, walk to the kitchen to pop the oven timer on and proceed to make the Little guy’s morning Weatbix. 3 minutes later there’s a “beep, beep, beep” the timer goes off, it’s the moment of truth. I walk back through the toilet door and tell myself not to worry if it’s not the result I’m hoping for. After all, it’s still really early and there’s every possibility that at this stage it won’t pick up the minute amount of pregnancy hormones that I may or may not be producing. So even if it comes up negative, I can always take another test in a few more days, just in case. Otherwise, as per usual, Hubby and I will just try again next month. With every appendage crossed I pick up the test and hope for those glorious two pink lines. At first glance it looks unchanged with the one line, but as I examine it more closely I see a very very faint second line. It doesn’t match the darkness of pink that is shown in the first line, so I start to wonder if my brain is playing tricks on me. I could just be imagining things as I so desperately wan’t this test to be positive. Even though I have read the test instructions a dozen times, I race over them once again.One line may be lighter than the other; they do not have to match. If there is only one pink line in the Result Window this is a negative result. There will be no trace of a second line. I step back and sit myself down on the toilet (lid down) in disbelief and before I know it tears of joy roll down my face. “Holy Sh*t, I’m pregnant”.

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