When in doubt, third pregnancy test’s a charm.

The next week I find myself in my doctor’s office taking another urine pregnancy test. Even though the at home pregnancy test indicated I was pregnant, I’m still finding it hard to believe and want to be sure.

Whilst we wait for the results, I tell the doctor of my initial suspicions due to my symptoms. Sore breasts, frequent urinating, pink discharge and of course the home pregnancy test. I explain that the second line was very faint and want to make sure it’s not a mistake. The doctor says it’s unlikely I’ve produced a false positive on a pregnancy test and that it’s probably because the pregnancy is in the very early stages. That my body wouldn’t be producing enough HCG (pregnancy) hormone to give a strong indication in a urine test as yet.

After a couple of minutes she looks down at the test. “Nothing yet”. I feel a little disheartened, but we continue to talk about my cycles and around what day I think I may have conceived. She also asks for the first day of my last period (this is how they usually calculate how far along you are). Luckily for the last year (and due to my inconsistent cycles) I’ve been keeping a fertility diary via an app on my phone. So producing an exact date for the doctor was a cinch.

3 more minutes go by and she picks up the test and looks very closely at it. “Oh yes, I can just see a very light second line appearing”. I give it a long hard look myself and can only just make out the second line. “Well, I don’t think you’re imagining it, so I’m going to send you straight off for a blood test. I’ll call you in the morning with the results”. I feel a little relieved that a second test has also turned out positive, albeit barely. However, as both urine tests weren’t strong indications, I’m still not feeling super confident. Hopefully the blood test will give me the solid yes I’m looking for. 

Next morning as promised, the doctor rings me with good news. “Well, you’re definitely pregnant and the hormone count suggests you’re where we thought you were: 4 weeks” she says. On the other end of the phone it finally starts to sink in and I can’t wait to tell Hubby, as now I feel we can actually celebrate. I hang up feeling positive and finally feel free to let the excitement in. screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-4-08-23-pm

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