Early pregnancy symptoms. Let the fun begin.

Embryo (more like alien) at 5 weeks.

In the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from the usual early pregnancy suspects. Most days are filled with tender breasts and when i say “tender”, I mean like, touch them and I’ll KILL you (sorry Hubby). Cramps similar to those of my period. Crying at, well, anything really. I mean (don’t ask me why) the movie Lara Croft: Tomb raider set me off in tears the other day! And not just because it’s really bad. I also have some serious pregnancy bloating going on. I seem to go from my current 5 weeks to (what feels like) 20 after every time I eat a meal. I mean is that even normal?

On the plus side I’m currently experiencing frequent bowel movements – at least that’s one thing I’m not having to deal with. Trust me, when you’re pregnant and you lose the luxury to poo regularly, it’s horrible.  Constipation is the one thing I suffered with in my first pregnancy and like most of the other symptoms, it’s not nice. I mean you already have one kid taking up all the space in there. So having the ability to drop the other kids off at the pool daily, is highly desirable. 

Now I just want to point out that with my first pregnancy, my experience was a little different. Initially I was told by doctors I was infertile and Hubby and I had always thought we would eventually need “extra help”. It was just by pure chance that I discovered I was actually pregnant. The first time around I remember going to see my doctor because I thought I had a UTI, turned out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Apart from mild cramps and sore breasts (even though I could go almost a year without having one, I thought I was getting my period) I didn’t suspect a thing, and why should I with my diagnosis? It was a huge surprise. Luckily the majority of the pregnancy was smooth sailing and for the most part I really enjoyed it. 

Even though this time I seem to be experiencing a lot of the unpleasant (yet normal) symptoms I didn’t get previously, I guess I’m kind of glad to have them. As technically, I’m experiencing them for the first time – they do say each pregnancy is unique.

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