“Morning Sickness”. When the name doesn’t say it all.

They say morning sickness typically begins around the 6 week mark. Boy, we’re “they” right! At 6 weeks it kind of hit me like a freight train. It started the other morning whilst enjoying a lie in with Hubby and The Little Guy. It began as a gentle nudge of nausea. Then shortly after, I couldn’t help but feel as though the contents of my stomach were strongly protesting its usual confines and rigorously seeking a swift exit – up and out. I raced to the bathroom and ungraciously thrust my head over the toilet whilst I retched into the bowl. FYI, I find it extremely difficult to actually vomit, even at the sickest of times. In the last 10 years I can probably count at least 3 times I’ve actually blown chunks. Twice whilst being extraordinarily inebriated (very classy) and the othdsc_2436er whilst suffering from a mutant strain of gastro that swept my kid’s childcare centre. I don’t know if my inability to follow through is a good thing or not? But what I do know is that for the last few days I have suffered from “Morning Sickness” morning, noon and (mostly) night. Not only am I left feeling confused as to why they call it that, when clearly it’s not just “morning” – very misleading. I am left feeling very tired, drained and very closely resembling a piece of crap.  

On a different note. Friends and family are of course thrilled about the pregnancy, as they know how long Hubby and I have wanted this. Although they all seem to be excited, I’m trying not to get too carried away, “just in case”. I know it’s silly to think that way, but it’s still early and I can’t help it. Statistically in Australia 1 in 4 woman miscarry and it is suspected these numbers could be higher. This could be because woman don’t even realise they’re pregnant or woman don’t end up reporting their miscarriage. This weighs heavily on my mind. Usually couples keep it under wraps until “the big reveal”, which tends to be around the 12 week mark. Hubby and I haven’t quite adopted this notion, but for us it’s more important that if anything does go wrong, we have the love, support and understanding of those around us.

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