My first trimester hacks

Week 9 and I’ve managed to work my way through a few prominent pregnancy pests, by discovering a preggy hack or two. The first is a personalised technique I’ve developed that I like to call “controlled crying”. I use this technique to tackle my constant crying outbursts head on, and it’s great for when you’re at work or in public. It’s when something or someone triggers an immediate surge of particularly sad emotions (which has been constantly lately) and before I know it my eyeballs start to well up. What I do is I catch myself before the first tear drops and yell to myself (in my head, as I want to avoid coming off super mental to any onlookers) “Get a grip you soft idiot, they’re just hormones!”. Then I quickly blink the excess moisture away, take a deep breath and get on with my day. 

Mixed in with being so emotional is the tiredness. I’m so tired that I have points in the day where my eyelids involuntarily start to close. It usually happens when I’m playing Lego (not sure why I find it so boring) with The Little Guy, the poor thing. Although he quickly shows his disapproval by shouting in my face “wake up Mumma!”. A shockingly rude awaking that ends up scaring the crap out of me, but it works. I’ve tried combating this newfound narcolepsy by mastering the 10 minute nap any chance I get. I’ve been taking these during a lunch break, as soon as Hubby gets home from work so we can go tag team on taking care of The Little Guy, or when I’ve palmed my child off to the neighbours for some play time. I’ve also found going to bed just that little bit earlier helps too.  

Then last week I read that B vitamins can help with nausea and tiredness, so I’ve recently rediscovered a dark brown spreadable Aussie icon that’s rich in these vitamins. I bought the salt reduced version which has B6 and B12 added. Now in the mornings, as soon as I drag my exhausted arse out of bed, I make myself 2 pieces of toast with it slathered on. I know not everyone’s into Vegemite and the like, but I really feel as though it at least keeps my morning sickness at bay. 


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