First trimester pregnancy symptoms. The fun continues!

Okay, so far I’ve been experiencing all day sickness, sore breasts, extreme tiredness, bloating of the third degree, not to mention I’m starting to feel as though I need to see an endocrinologist – the hormones causing me to cry all the time are obviously out of control and need reining in – STAT! Oh, did I mention the angry killer facial pimples that have raised their ugly pustule filled heads in the last month? 

Now that I’m at week 10, let’s add a couple more to the mix shall we? woman-with-headacheTension
headaches – front and centre, enter nose bleed – stage left. At the beginning of the week there were a few days in a row where I felt as though my head were in a vice. I was feeling quite the pressure across the front sides of my forehead and found myself constantly rubbing my temples, in the hope the pain would miraculously disappear. 

Then when I got out of bed the other day and like most mornings lately, I was a little congested (perhaps yet another pregnancy symptom?). So I gave my nose the obligatory blow, next thing you know I’m haemorrhaging all over my plush lavender dressing gown and new slippers. Noooooo! I immediately raise my hands over my nose and try to catch the pouring blood. I quickly run to the bathroom and by the time I reach the sink I’d left quite the blood trail. Now, keep in mind that first thing in the morning I look in no way refreshed and as if I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. So when I saw myself in the mirror with my nose and chin covered in blood. I decided that I looked like a zombie that had just devoured the innards of a human being. Believe me, If you’d seen me at the time and the overall state I was in, you’d of totes agreed! I washed my face as quickly as possible, as I knew if my son saw me he would (literally) scream bloody murder. I then spent the next 40 minutes trying to stop the bleeding, by using copious amount of tissue and pinching the bridge of my nose. Although random and in my case freaky, apparently nose bleeds are common in pregnant women due to increased blood supply. I wonder what other pregnancy delights await me?

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