The first antenatal visit

Okay so I’m a little bit behind in regards to posting. I mean I’ve still been writing, I’ve just been so caught up in the festive season that I haven’t managed to post for almost 2 weeks. For now, here is last week’s…………

Week 14 and I’m now in the second trimester. Apparently this trimester is most women’s favourite, as the symptoms that plagued them during the first trimester are supposed to calm down around now. This is due to the drop in HCG (which will continue to fall as the pregnancy progresses) and the placenta taking over. However,  I feel as though somehow I’m digressing. Not only am I yet to feel some sort of relief in the being nausea department, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s getting more intense. Perhaps I may have to wait another a week or two to start feeling a little more human again? To make the tribulations of pregnancy more bearable, I treat myself to some new maternity clothes. 

This week I had my first antenatal visit at the hospital where I plan to give birth. The midwife weighs me (I’ve put on 3 kilos since pre-baby), measures my height and takes my blood pressure. Then the midwife asks me a long series of questions that go on for about an hour. These include my medical history, past pregnancies, family medical history and mental health. I also get to hear the baby’s heartbeat again through a fetal doppler.shutterstock_fetal-doppler

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child holding "I'm being promoted to big brother" sign

Breaking the news to The Little Guy.

So I’m hitting my second trimester and I really don’t have anything different to report. I’m still suffering from constant nausea which is still particularly bad at night. There was a moment there I thought it had subsided, but “The Sickness” seems to be making a come back. Still no actual vomiting as yet, but feeling totally crap when it hits me. Apparently by the second trimester the nausea is supposed to calm down, so the next couple of weeks should bring some welcome relief (fingers crossed). As I’m feeling continually sick I’m still pretty unmotivated, tired and emotional. 

My belly has rounded out a little. I’m not quite sure if people think I look like I’m sporting the beginnings of a baby bump or I’ve had one too many big macs for lunch. I’m at that in-between stage where I look like it could be either. 

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Ultrasound photo of 12 week baby in utero

The 12 week scan.

The 12 week scan is not only to check the wellbeing and development of baby, but to also preform a nuchal translucency test. This test predicts whether a woman is at “greater risk” than other women their age of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down Syndrome. This test is done in two parts. The first is a specialised ultrasound scan which precisely measures the thickness on the back of the foetus’ neck. The second part is a blood test. 

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Daddy gets an A for effort.

While I’m only 11 weeks pregnant my poor Hubby has already had to put up with my snapping, constant complaining, non-stop napping, relentless crying, my annoying need to argue against any valid point he makes, pulling my nose up at the offensively suspect smells he seems to be omitting (now that’s probably not a recent thing, but my sense of smell has currently gone off the charts) and then there’s my general inability to do anywhere near as much as I usually do around the house. Even though I’ve been a complete lump and total pain in the arse, he seems to be taking it all in his stride. Let’s also not forget the fact that I have deprived him of sex for almost 3 months! Which I wrote about a few weeks ago; “The Fear: Why I’ve chosen to give up sex and exercise in the first trimester“. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking he deserves a bloody great big medal by now, and to be honest he probably does. 

Sure, due to all my hormonal changes he’s had to take on a little more responsibility around the house and with our son, on top of slogging his guts out at work. However, as he’s not always used to tending to parental and household duties on a large-scale, he can sometimes manage to miss a thing or two. Here’s a great example:

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