child holding "I'm being promoted to big brother" sign

Breaking the news to The Little Guy.

So I’m hitting my second trimester and I really don’t have anything different to report. I’m still suffering from constant nausea which is still particularly bad at night. There was a moment there I thought it had subsided, but “The Sickness” seems to be making a come back. Still no actual vomiting as yet, but feeling totally crap when it hits me. Apparently by the second trimester the nausea is supposed to calm down, so the next couple of weeks should bring some welcome relief (fingers crossed). As I’m feeling continually sick I’m still pretty unmotivated, tired and emotional. 

My belly has rounded out a little. I’m not quite sure if people think I look like I’m sporting the beginnings of a baby bump or I’ve had one too many big macs for lunch. I’m at that in-between stage where I look like it could be either. 

This week we presented The Little Guy with the image of our first scan. I asked him if he knew what the strange picture was of. He replied with “umm, a baby koala?” Hubby and I laughed, explained it was a picture of inside my tummy and that it was in fact a tiny little baby. He immediately jumped up and danced in excitement. This is something he had also (like Hubby and I) been wishing for for quite a while. Although he’s been asking me if we can “buy a baby” (lol). So we already knew how happy he’d be to receive the great news.

Now that he’s aware of my tiny baby bump he’s getting curious. “Mumma how big is it? Can it hear me? If I touch your belly, will it feel me?”. I take this opportunity to take him on a trip to the library and we borrow some books that I think will better explain things. We end up borrowing ‘What’s in there? All about before you were born’, ‘You were the first’ and ‘Ten little fingers and ten little toes’. After reading them at bed time he now understands that my belly will grow bigger and bigger and depending on what stage I’m at, the baby’s size will be comparable to that of a specific fruit or vegetable. Right now he calls the baby “a little peach”.

After receiving this new found information The Little Guy has learnt that when the baby is ready to come out it will be the size of a watermelon. He then asks me, “Mumma does it hurt when the baby comes out?”. I think to myself ‘hurt? That’s an understatement. More like the most excruciating, savage, raging and agonising pain ever’. I reply with a “yeah, a little”. Concerned he then asks, “do you bleed?”. I don’t want him to worry so I explain that even though there is a “little pain and a little blood”, Mumma is super brave and that I’ll be just fine. He sighs and says “well I’m glad that only girls have babies, cause that means I won’t have to do that”. Impressed by his well thought out response, I smile and think to myself ‘yeah, well you boys couldn’t handle it’ ;). 

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