Great! Now I have Gastritis!!

After being in hospital, I have not been able to bring myself to eat much. Although the medication seems to have helped with the vomiting, I’m still feeling terribly nauseous. I’ve also developed this horrible, incredibly intense, gnawing pain just under my rib cage in the middle of my stomach. It’s almost as if the baby hates me and is clawing its way up and out of my stomach. I actually feel like I could be in danger of reenacting a scene from the movie ‘Alien’. It gets really bad at night and I spend most of the time writhing around in pain, desperately praying it just goes away. Surely this can’t be another (albeit delayed) symptom of Hypermesis Gravardium? So I start to think I may have developed another problem. Which would be just my luck. Can’t a pregnant lady catch a break?!aliens-movie-chestburster

Then one morning, after doing my usual rounds, I return home to the same killer feeling in my stomach. As it has usually occurred mostly at night, I now become concerned that the pain is happening throughout the day. Frustrated and thoroughly fed up with being so unwell these last few weeks. I storm back to my doctor on a mission. Back in my doctor’s office I explicitly explain my current symptoms and tell her that I feel I may have caused some kind of damage from all the excess vomiting. She examines me, agrees, then tells me it’s likely to be “Gastritis” (erosion of the stomach lining, which in turn causes pain due to the lack of protection from stomach acid). She prescribes a medication safe to use in pregnancy which will decrease my stomach acid production and lessen the damage to my stomach lining. I’m to use this in combination with the anti-nausea medication prescribed earlier by the hospital. Also just to be sure, she books me in to see a gastroenterologist the next day.

I turn up to see the Gastro specialist the next day and proceed to repeat everything I told my doctor. He concurs with my doctor’s diagnosis and feels that my condition has developed from a combination of things. My Hypermesis Gravidarum, high pregnancy hormones and existing food intolerances. That even though there are a number of tests they could do to further investigate, I won’t be able to undergo them as I’m pregnant. He says the incredible pain I’m feeling is normal for this type of condition and that the meds I’m on should help. Although it’s possible I may not feel the full effects/benefits for up to a month, while my stomach heals. He ends by telling me there is nothing more they can do and to just hang in there. Whhhaaaat?! That’s it? The pain is torturous and you want me to just “Hang and in there”?! Well that’s not what I really wanted to hear. I leave his office utterly deflated and just as bummed out as when I had walked in.   

I’m only 17 weeks pregnant and I’m already hating it. Being pregnant this time around suuuucckks!!!!!!!

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