Emergency hospital trip. Round 2.

After the visit to the gastroenterologist I was left in a state of dismay. I felt that perhaps I should have had my new condition explained to me  a little better. Also I would of really appreciated some advice on what I could do/eat at home so that I wouldn’t exacerbated my Gastritis. Instead, I read up on it myself and the foods that could help heal my inflamed stomach. After researching quite a bit, I decided to “rest” my gut and resided to a diet of home made bone broth and gluten free bread.

I did this for 3 days, until I got to a point where I was so hungry I was close to gnawing my own limbs off! Although the pains had started to subside, the baby inside me was screaming out for more sustenance. So one morning I got real adventurous and decided to try some gluten free cereal. Wrong move! No sooner had I consumed the (small) bowl, than I was throwing up all over the place again. Nooooo! Just when I thought I had jumped an incredibly difficult hurdle. I had taken my anti-nausea medication earlier, but I guessed that came up with breakfast. So to try and get a hold on my vomiting fit, I took it again. Which just made me vomit even more! The Hyperemesis was back with vengeance and it wasn’t even letting me keep sips of water down. Needless to say I spent the morning on the couch with my head buried in a spew bucket.

Female zombie
Pretty sure this is what I looked like when I arrived at hospital.

After a few hours of what seemed like I was dying a slow and ugly death, my wonderful friend and neighbour came to my rescue and took me to emergency at the local hospital. By this stage I was a former shadow of myself and was so weak I could barely walk. The doctors did all the usual tests and put me straight back on a drip of fluid and meds. I explained everything I had been through sickness wise in the last couple of weeks, and that this was my second visit to emergency within that time. Also that I had been forced to hardly eat anything due to how unwell I’d been. I expressed my concern for the baby and wasn’t sure if I may be doing more harm than good. 

On this visit I was attended to by a wonderful doctor who spent the time to carefully explain things to me. She said my case was unique and that even though most pregnant woman can suffer in the first trimester of pregnancy, I was having a bad reaction to the second trimester. That so far the baby is fine and will just continue to suck what nutrients it needs from my body regardless. She said as I had lost 3 kgs in a space of 2 weeks, I was likely to end up on nasal tubes being fed a special liquid formula directly into my stomach. But that if I wanted to avoid this, I had to start adding very simple and bland foods to my diet in a process of trial and error. There was no way of knowing whether I’d just keep vomiting everything up, but I had to try regardless. I reluctantly agreed and asked when I may expect to feel better again? She said that we could keep our fingers crossed and hope things change again when I reach the third trimester. WTF – That long?! I’m only 18 weeks pregnant. God help me.


2 thoughts on “Emergency hospital trip. Round 2.

  1. Hang in there! I had HG with my pregnancy so I remember what a nightmare it was trying to deal with eating and staying hydrated and throwing up. Mine became so much more managable after 22 weeks so I’ll be holding out hope that you see some relief soon too.
    There is an awesome group on facebook filled with women that have struggled with HG eager to support and help each other if you would like more information. HG takes such a toll on your mental and emotional health too and it’s so important to get a good group of people around you that will support you.

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    1. Thanks Samantha. I’m actually at the end of the pregnancy now and feel worlds apart from what I did when I was suffering with HG. It subsided after a couple of months – thank goodness! Otherwise I had no idea how I was supposed to survive the rest of the pregnancy. Good to know there are some good support groups out there though!

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