On the mend (thanks mum!).

Picture of card saying "you're never too old to need your mum"After being discharged from hospital for the second time, my sweet mother decided to move in (temporarily) and nurse me back to health. Not only was I so grateful and thankful to have her by my side, Hubby and The Little Guy loved having her around too. She did me wonders. After just 3 days, she managed to add 5 more things to the list of foods I could eat and helped me regain most of my strength back. Not to mention I had not vomited once since she had been here #winning. Aren’t mums awesome! I mean my mum has never failed to be there for me when I’ve needed her most. But there’s something really special about them still being able to take care of you, even when you’re all grown up!

She eventually returned home leaving me feeling much better and more confident that I could carry on her good work and get back on my feet. Whilst my mum took care of me it gave me the chance to read more and more about diets that are great for people with Gastritis. This has given me the opportunity to really grow the list of foods I should be able to consume without feeling ill. 

After mum playing nurse and at 19 weeks, I finally feel like things can start looking up. I’ve gone on a strict diet that mainly consists of plain and bland food. The meds I’m on seem to be working and the pain has disappeared, as well as the feelings of chronic nausea. “Hallelujah” *hands raised in the air*. I’ve just been back to my doctor for a check-up and she says I’m putting weight back on and am doing really well. I feel way better than I had and can’t believe the turmoil and distress the last month has caused me.

There was a moment there I was, and this is going to sound awful, regretting the choice I had made to have another baby. This pregnancy has been worlds away from how I experienced my first. Looking back my first pregnancy was a total breeze, compared to the hell my body has just gone through. I was feeling so sick and not to mentioned so depressed with the current situation, that I would have preferred the pain of being in labour. Anything other than having to endure the turmoil my body was going through with having Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Gastritis at the same time.

Fingers crossed I’m back on track and I continue on the road of recovery. Who knows, I may even get the chance to enjoy this pregnancy? 

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