Caution: Pregnant eating machine ahead!

21 weeks down, feeling loads better and finally back on track. I’ve returned to eating normally and enjoying life again. “Whoop whoop”. However, perhaps in some kind of unconscious effort to make up for lost time, I think I may have jumped back on the food bandwagon a little too overzealous! 

Last week I celebrated my return to health by taking great joy in being able to pleasurably satisfy a guilty food craving. I treated myself to a big gourmet burger and fries loaded with cheese, bacon and gravy. Afterwards I felt thoroughly content and deserving of such a splurge. Seems innocent enough right? Except for a few nights ago whilst out with my girlfriends, we tucked into an immense Italian feast. I stuffed my face with bread, cheese, pizza, pasta, polishing it all off with 2 desserts. By the time I had finished I was so full I could hardly breathe. It was then my girlfriends commented on my new green tinge and asked, “Are you okay?”. Needless to say I had to be rolled out of the restaurant and into a taxi. Feeling completely gross I spent the ride home contemplating ‘to spew, or not to spew?’. By the time I had arrived home, I was in a world hurt. My stomach was so huge and uncomfortable that I felt in danger of it exploding, leaving the baby exposed, unimpressed and looking back up at me in pure disgust. I spent the rest of the night jacked up on antacids, in sleepless agony asking myself “Wwwhhhyyyyy?!?!”. 

"The very hungry pregnant lady. A parody" book cover.
this book is so me right now!

Then as if I hadn’t done enough damage, or even learnt my lesson, I found myself in a similar situation, yet again last night. This time it was if I were on auto pilot and only come round to the fact I had hit ‘the danger zone’, when I found myself a small tub of almond milk ice-cream and 2 Magnums deep. It wasn’t till the last few bites of my second magnum that I turned and pleaded (like not entirely finishing it would somehow redeem me) with my husband to tear the remainder from my hand and “Put it in the bin”. The reality of how unnecessarily gluttonous I was being had suddenly set in and somehow, I still couldn’t stop. He turned to look at me, looked down at the empty ice-cream container, along with the trail of empty ice-cream wrappers beside me and said incredulously, “You already are!”.

So today I decided to check myself before I wrecked myself – I needed a stern talking. I reminded myself that being pregnant doesn’t allow me to be an utter piggy and fill up on complete crap of wheelie bin proportions. That especially with how ill I’ve been, I need to make sure I’m maintaining my health. Although having said that, and even though I should concentrate on staying well for the remainder of the pregnancy. At the end of the day, why shouldn’t you enjoy outrageously naughty treats (in moderation of course) throughout your pregnancy? Without the guilt! Besides, it’s one of the joys, if not a right, of pregnancy. 

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