Second trimester pregnancy symptoms.


So I’m starting to look more pregnant by the day. At 22 weeks my belly has definitely developed into a prominent baby sized bulge protruding forth and getting in the way of everything. My baby’s kicks and punches are getting progressively stronger by the day. Actually, as I type, she seems to be going a few rounds with the laptop resting on my tummy. The laptop shudders with each bump. Cute! 

Sleeping has started to become really uncomfortable and I can no longer sleep in my favourite position – on my back. I have actually had a few nights where I’ve woken in the middle of the night to find myself on my back and with numb arms – yikes.  I’ve read that sleeping on your back after around 16 weeks is not recommended, due to the weight your growing baby puts on a main vein in your spine that supplies blood to your heart. So now I spend the nights continuously turning from side to side, which prevents me from getting a solid sleep. Not to mention all the freaky-vivid-dreams I seem to be having. Whilst I can’t do much about the crazy-ass dreams, I’m going to get a pregnancy pillow to hopefully make sleeping on my side more comfortable. 

As our house is two storeys we have stairs, and boy have they become a challenge! It’s mainly the fact I find myself so out of breath when I use them, and that’s only when I get halfway. Then when I reach the top I’m lighted-headed and my leg muscles “feel the burn”. I know feeling breathless is contributed to the fact my body is now pumping blood around for two and the pregnancy hormone progesterone. However, I can’t help but feel I may have become a little unfit since I’ve stopped going to the gym. *Note to self* Must at least start prenatal yoga and take long walks ASAP.

Then there’s my breasts! All I can say is wow, they have gone up like, 3 sizes (so has my arse, but I’m not getting into that). With my cup size on the up, so too are the size of my nipples. Hubby refers to them as having gone “geographical” 😂. Well at least they’re not as sore anymore. Also I’m finding the skin around my breasts very itchy, as well as my stretching belly. I’ve been out and bought a few new, larger, wire free bars, and now opt to sleep in a thin sports bra. Because it feels way more comfortable when my enlarged lady lumps are not knocking around the place in bed at night. Especially with all the new-found tossing and turning I’m doing! 

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