Gestational Diabetes Test, aka Glucose Tolerance Test.


So this test is fun…. not. I hear this makes a few mums-to-be really sick, like vomit sick. Luckily, I’ve done this test twice now (during my last pregnancy) and have never had that experience. 

Prior to arriving for the test you’re asked to fast for at least 8 hours beforehand. Normally the test is done first thing in the morning and they tell you to fast from midnight onwards. You start by having your blood taken, then drinking around 250 mls of a glucose solution, which is sickly-sweet and gross. It reminds me of one of those Zooper Dooper ice block sticks I used to munch on as a kid in summer. As the ice block melted it released a cavity rich, syrup like liquid that you sucked up from the bottom. Sure I enjoyed them in my youth, but as an adult they make me cringe.

You then sit and wait. At the one hour mark they take more blood, and then you sit and wait some more. At the two hour mark they take blood for a third and final time. You’re to do this without food and only a few sips of water. If you’re lucky (like me), during the 3rd blood test they end up have a good ole poke around with the needle. As I was dehydrated they had trouble finding a vein that would draw blood. After some ambitious digging (ow!), it didn’t seem to be happening, so they decided to try the other arm. Whilst switching arms they explained that if they couldn’t get a sample, I’d have to come back and do the test all over again. My immediate thought was “Heeellll no!” – did I mentioned this test is NOT FUN?  Another digging expedition was carried out on my alternate arm (double ow!!), and this time it was (thankfully) successful. 

Then just when you think it’s over, you have to stumble out of there faint and in desperate need of sustenance. In my case, before I had the chance to feed my face, my body exploded into a flurry of hot flushes and I began to drip with sweat. I needed food that was fast and STAT! So I did what any ravenous pregnant woman who hadn’t eaten in 12 hours would do. I made a beeline for Maccas. As soon as I got my food I sat down (before I fell down) and smashed fists full of fries and nuggets in my mouth, until I felt the colour slowly return to my face. I also made sure I sensibly accompanied my meal with a large bottle of cold water and rehydrated myself. It was touch and go there for a moment, but baby and I made it out alive…… Just. 

Due to my PCOs my midwife tells me I will need to do another GTT in just over a month. Awesome ☹️. 

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