plethora of girls names written pink to form the shape of a crawling baby

7 baby names that Hubby and I can’t agree on and why.

All parents-to-be go through the sometimes arduous task of trying to decide on a name for their child. You may both have your own ideas of what you feel may be cute, adorable, trendy etc, but then your partner could completely blow it out of the water. Here’s a list of 7 girls names my hubby and I had individually intended to call our baby and the responses on why we couldn’t agree. 

1. My suggestion: Beatrix.  

Hubby’s response: “Sounds like a Harry Potter character! We can’t call her that, my mum would have kittens”.

2. My suggestion: Astrid. 

Hubby’s response: “Oh no that’s shocking. It sounds like Asteroid! That’s what you name an ugly baby”.

3. My suggestion: Suki. 

Hubby’s response: “Is that Japanese? Hmm, is there something I should know about who the actual father is?”.

4. My suggestion: Saoirse (Irish Gaelic. Pronounced Sear + Sha) 

Hubby’s response: “What about when she’s trying to learn how to spell and write it? She’ll find it confusing and that’s just mean. 

5. My suggestion: Star. 

Hubby’s response: “What are you, Kim Kardashian? Hell no!”

6. Hubby’s suggestion: Avery. 

My response: “Isn’t that a bird enclosure? Pass.”

7. Hubby’s suggestion: Everton. 

My response: “After your english football (soccer) team? Seriously?!”

Looks like we’ll be going back to the drawing board! It was so much easier when we were deciding on our son’s name. This time around all we seem to be doing is locking horns!! At 25 weeks pregnant I’ve got another 15 weeks to go. Fingers crossed we can agree on something by then! Wish us luck.  

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