Getting excited and ready for baby.

30 weeks pregnant and the realisation of just how close D-day is sets in. When I think about how far I’ve made it, it brings tears to my eyes (I’m still hormonal, just not as bad). Compared to how my last trimester went, the Hyperemesis Gravidarum, gastritis and depression I was going through, was enough for me to hang up my oven mitts and swear off bun baking forever. Now with the end approaching I feel like how I should, excited, happy and not in a world of hurt. Sure there are the normal ailments; sore back, sore feet, and finding it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. They’re minor side-effects, compared to what I had been experiencing. 

Now I can really concentrate on baby’s arrival and the things I need to organise before she gets here. Even though I have kept a lot of my son’s babies clothes, I’ve gone out and splurged on some super cute “girls stuff” (of course non of them practical). We never kept the pram we originally had for The Little Guy, so I end up doing like 203 hours of research online for a new one. I also decide that I needed to find the perfect baby capsule. So I punch in another 300 hours of online time and scour the crap out of the internet for “the one”. It’s amazing how obsessed a mum-to-be can get over finding the “right” baby product! Thankfully we kept my son’s cot and that’s one less major ticket item I need not obsess about! Sure there’s all the other really practical (boring) things like bottles, bibs, wraps, change matt, multiple singles and onesies, nipple cream, nappy rash cream, nursing pads, nappies, wipes, maternity pads etc I still need to get. I’m just doing the fun, exciting stuff first :). 

shutterstock_baby_nurseryNow I’m not stereotyping or pigeon-holing woman here, but shopping for a forthcoming child is one of the best things about being pregnant. Although at the end of the day for me, any excuse will do. Even just perusing the latest baby fashions and imaging your new bundle of joy dressed up in cute tiny outfits is exciting. It brings the baby inside of you to life and gives it personality. A lot of parents also find setting up their nursery super exciting too, especially if you have a soft spot for interior design. I mean the endless amount of feeds I get on my Instagram on perfectly styled baby’s nurseries and baby fashion are proof that parents go gaga for it all. Sure, there’s no real need to get carried away with fashion and furniture, the basics will do. It’s just so easy to! 

I guess it’s all part of the nesting process, but there’s something to be said about the process of buying the essentials (or non-essentials) for baby. For me, I guess it brings it all together and makes it feel “more real”. 

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