The excitement of becoming a big brother and 5 reasons why I’m glad we had to wait so long for baby number 2.

32 weeks pregnant and The Little Guy is getting increasingly excited about his little sister’s arrival. He learnt early on that when my stomach is the size of a small watermelon the baby will be ready to come out. While that’s still a little while off, he can clearly see my tummy is now growing at an exponential rate and it won’t be too long now. He loves grabbing my bare stomach, rubbing his little hands over my huge, round belly whilst declaring, “It’s just like a giant dumpling”. Then he whispers sweet sentiments into my belly button like, “Hello baby can you hear me? I love you”. Or at night before he goes to bed he hugs my belly and says, “Good night baby, have a good sleep, see you in the morning”. It’s a beautiful thing to see your eldest dote over their younger sibling, even if they haven’t been born yet. shutterstock_big-brother

Having a 6 year age gap between our fist and second born wasn’t exactly what Hubby and I had in mind. Unfortunately there were a couple of health issues that came up for me along the way that prevented us from being able to conceive. I know everyone has their own idea of what is a “good” age gap. I just think there are some significant benefits in a wide age gap and here’s why;

  1. The Little Guy is about to turn 6 years old and therefore has the intellectual capacity to understand that the baby is not a threat to his relationship with Mumma and Daddy. Instead he sees her as a welcome addition and is more proud than anything. He feels a sense of responsibility and tells me how he looks forward to helping me with the baby. Although I don’t think he quite grasps the idea of exactly what taking care of newborn baby entails, it’s just nice to know he really wants to help out (and can).
  2. Hubby and I really feel as though we have been able to dedicated a good amount of time to our son in his most critical developmental years (the first 5 years). Rather than having to split our attention between 2 children. It has given us the opportunity to fully focus our support on the one child and build a really solid relationship with him. Meaning he has not felt the need to compete for our attention with a another sibling close to his age, as some children tend to do. 
  3. As The Little Guy is of school age, he in a way, has his “own life”. He has established friendships and circular activities he relies on outside of the home. That going to “big school” is his thing and separate to that of anything he needs to share with a sibling. 
  4. As our son attends school it will allow me the opportunity of “alone time” with our newborn. When my son was first-born I was able to lavish him with attention and now feel like I can somewhat do the same with my daughter.  
  5. The Little Guy is very self-sufficient and is now able to do most tasks with hardly any help. Getting dressed, showered and fed are things our son can do completely independently. Not only that, he’s able to entertain himself and tidy up his belongings when he’s finished doing so. Not to mention he’s started to help with chores around the house like unpacking the dishwasher etc. 

Of course there are pros and cons with each age gap. We just feel in the grand scheme of things, it couldn’t have worked out better and really suits us as a family. 

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