Stork making its nest


33 weeks pregnant and I have the urge to get the rest of the baby things in order. Like set up a nappy change station, put together the pram, install the car capsule, assemble the bassinet and give our bedroom (where the baby will be sleeping) a good dusting. Apparently they call these urges “Nesting”. It’s actually quite animalistic and occur in a variety of species, with hormones being the trigger. Typically experienced by Mummas-to-be at the tail end of pregnancy, characteristics include sudden cleaning frenzies and the overzealous need to prepare your home for baby’s arrival. 

In my first pregnancy I  remember sitting up in bed at 5 am one morning, with a very urgent need to vacuum the baby’s room. After I finished the vacuuming I proceeded to go through the baby’s drawers and make sure all his clothes were folded and organised correctly (like they weren’t already). Then lastly rearranging some the nursery furniture to “Better utilise the space”. Hubby woke up a couple of hours later to find me in the baby’s room all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and feeling very accomplished. I remember us both laughing at the situation, thinking that it was a little cuckoo and wondered where on earth my sudden burst of energy came from.

This time around I have not set up a separate room for the baby and instead have decided to just set up a couple of things in Hubby and I’s room. Looking back to when I was preparing for my son’s arrival, I probably had more than I needed. We also didn’t move him into his own room until he was 6 months old and sleeping right through the night. Being a first time mum you always think you need more than you do, besides you’ve never done it before, so how would you really know. 

I might not have as much to get ready as I did the last time I was preparing for the arrival of a baby. But this time around I’ve sorted through all my son’s old baby’s clothes and kept the few I think will be suitable to reuse for Little Miss, then chucked them all in the wash. I’ve even gone through Hubby’s and I’s old stuff while I’m at it, might as well if I’m doing a charity drop. With setting up the bassinet has come the washing of all it’s sheets, blankets and mattress protectors. Then instead of buying a change table, this time I have just opted for a change matt instead, for convenience and portability. Also instead of buying a whole  new chest of drawers for baby’s clothes, I have just cleared out one of my own for her. 

The whole nesting thing is quite strange for someone like me as I’m not really the cleaning type. I like to be organised to a degree and am generally just happy to have things in my home “Tidy”. So I guess I’m lucky it has struck me the way as it has, otherwise I can sometimes leaves things to the last-minute. Which then also means I tend to have to do things in a flurry and end up stressed. 

So at the end of the day Nesting is not only very practical, but an instinct that predates our cavewoman days. It also psychologically prepares us for the big changes that are about to occur in our life. Either way it’s great motivation for people like me. Who might have alternatively spent their finals weeks just sitting on the couch watching bad reality T.V, eating Magnums all day. Although…. there’s still time. 

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