The Babymoon

So as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m actually running a few weeks behind in terms of my pregnancy posts. So am trying my best to play catch ups and finally get up-to-date. Having said that, this week’s post is on the Babymoon Hubby and I went on at 34 weeks pregnant. 

The time where our family of three will soon be four is drawing near. So I organise a short trip away for just Hubby and I to enjoy some “Alone time” before baby arrives, otherwise known as a Babymoon. The word “Babymoon” has become quite the buzz word with expectant couples over the years and rightly so. Taking some time out just the two of you, before baby arrives is important. Besides, it could be quite some time before you get the chance to do it again! Hubby and I have always made sure that we spend time to focus on our relationship when we can. Like date nights and romantic weekends away – pending grandparents availability to look after The Little Guy. After all, this whole having kids thing started with the love we have for each other, so it’s important to keep the flame alive. Mostly for us, but we feel it’s important for our kid/s to see too.

I decide on somewhere close that feels img_0072“out of town”, but only a couple of hours from where we live. That way we’re not too far from home if there are any emergencies. The boutique hotel we stay at is “adults only”, which is just heavenly. Hubby and I spend the days just lazing around the pool, sleeping in, enjoy long leisurely breakfasts, lunches and dinners, reading books and magazines. My favourite thing was being able to go to the beach and go out deep into the surf with Hubby and enjoy the waves together. Usually you’re stuck in the shallows whilst you supervise your little one and you and Hubby go taggies on going in for a “Real swim”. Basically, we did anything we can’t do when you have a child constantly at your beck and call. 

After spending many a romantic moment together and relaxing the crap out of our time away, it was time to return to The Little Guy and reality. Feeling loved up and recharged, Hubby and I feel ready to tackle the challenges and responsibilities that are about to hit us as parents in the next month or so. 

Whether it’s a vacation, staycation, or an extra romantic weekend alone together at home. I suggest taking the opportunity to take time out to yourselves as a couple, to reflect on your relationship together and accept that there will be a change in dynamics. Relish it! Like I said, it may be a little while before you get to do it again. 

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