very pregnant woman holding yellow alarm clock with one hand and pointing at it with the other

The waiting game….

So I’m only a few weeks off my due date and haven’t bothered writing for the last couple of weeks because I haven’t had anything worth reporting. Right now I feel like I’m so close, yet so far. I think the fact that I had my son one week early at 39 weeks also makes me feel that this baby could be early too. 

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to patterns in arrival time with subsequent births. Mothers I know have said, “I was one week early with my first child and two weeks early with the second” and “I was one week early with all three of my children”. My sister’s children came early too, but at 34 weeks with her first and 35 weeks with her second. I guess I just have in my mind that I’ll probably give birth a week early as I did with my son, or maybe even two weeks early. Another reason I think that is I have just seen my midwife, who says the baby’s head is well down and starting to engage. With my son, his head didn’t engage until I was in labour. I’ve also read that first babies are more likely to engage than following births. So the fact my baby’s head is starting to engage already (and she’s my second), makes me think she’ll be early.

At the opposite end of the scale I have also heard of women being “ready” at 36 weeks pregnant and end up being overdue. Then a mum at my son’s school said she was 7 weeks early with her first child and 10 days overdue with her second. So I guess you just never really know! 

I’m at a stage now where I feel like this pregnancy has gone on and on and on. I think being really ill earlier on has dragged out the pregnancy too. I’m just looking forward to finally meeting my little girl and the excitement is growing by the week. Having said that I’m starting to think about the impending labour, and the the fact I know exactly what I’m in for, is making me a little nervous. Especially seeing that I want to try for a natural birth – preferably water. The first time around I took the “Ignorance is bliss” approach. So on the day I went into labour, I just went with things as they came and it seemed to work for me. I managed without drugs that time, so hopefully I can do it again.

However, this time I know the pain and hard work it takes to squeeze that baby out of your vagina. So I’ve decided, in order to feel more prepared and confident, to buy a book on “Active birth”. The copy I buy seems very 70’s-esk, but so far from what I have read, it offers great advice on positions during labour that are supposed to decrease the need for pain relief. I spent the majority of my first birth on my back (which is supposed to be more painful) – I want to avoid that this time. This book should help with that, so fingers crossed it works! 

I guess for now I just hang in there and wait………..

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