Is it okay to have more than one baby shower?

shutterstock_baby shower37 weeks pregnant and one of my closest girlfriends organised a little baby sprinkle for me. Why a sprinkle you ask? Well first off, I wasn’t sure about having a second baby shower/celebration in the first place, as it made me feel a little uncomfortable. The fact that I already had one for my son (albeit 6 years ago) means I have a few of the essentials already. So I felt like having another might be bad etiquette, come across presumptuous, or may even be seen as socially unacceptable. 

However, apparently these days it can be perfectly acceptable to have subsequent showers. More so if the following child is a different gender, there’s a significant age gap, or you’re willing to go “lite” on the celebrations. As all of the above are applicable in my case, I agreed to let my girlfriend throw me a “Sprinkle” rather than an actual shower. To keep things casual I opted to have a high-tea with my mum, sister and four close girlfriends – intimate and no fuss. I wasn’t keen on receiving presents, as I wanted it to be about celebrating the new baby and spending girl time with my nearest and dearest. But my friends and family couldn’t help themselves and ever so kindly showered me with gifts anyway – I was of course very thankful and chuffed! They bought me an array of cute girly clothing items and soft toys, things I haven’t really bothered to get myself. To be honest, at the end of the day I was happy to rely on my son’s hand me downs. 

Although I was dubious in the beginning about having another baby celebration and how that may come off. I’m glad I decided to go ahead with one and have the opportunity to celebrate my daughter’s impending arrival with such beautiful family and friends. It was lovely to be showered with such love! Oh, and I guess it was nice to be sprinkled with baby gifts too – you know, if you like that sort of thing 😜. 

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