A New Chapter

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We’re moving to……


We have spent a lot of time in Bali over the years, not only as a family, but even before we had kids. It’s a place we know well and hold close to our hearts. So it makes sense that we would choose to live there. To us, Bali means a hot climate with evergreen rice paddy fields, surf galore, foodie heaven, endless beach clubs, rich culture, villas to die for and a laid back, easy-going lifestyle. Not to mention the Balinese people are just the nicest! Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and lucky for us, they just love kids. I once asked one of our indigenous Balinese friends, what the secret was to their relaxed and happy demeanour? He said, “pergi seperti air”, which means; go like the water. He explained that like the flow of the river, it cannot be controlled and you must go where the water goes. All you can do is look out for what is right in front of you, sometimes it goes “this way or that way”, but what can you do? So, you just go with it…… It’s a philosophy that opened my eyes to a people who have the right approach to life. Not to mention they also hold extremely strong community values. How nice is it that we’ll get to be a part of that!

This move is not only about spending quality time together as a family, but sharing an extra special experience. An experience that hopefully has a very positive impact on our kid’s lives. In order to maximise our time together, neither Hubby and I will be working. I know this is not sustainable for everyone, but Hubby and I have been saving for a long time and can mange if we spent our money wisely. It’s not something we can do forever, but for long enough. Besides, after how hard Hubby has been working for all these years, it’s high time he got an extended break! I’ve had the opportunity to spend so much time with our kids over the years, and now he’ll get to do the same. 

When moving overseas there are many things you need to ask yourself; What area will you live in – which is best suited to you? Will you work, if so where? How do I find a place to live? If you have children, what school will they go to? Transport, will I need a car? Do I need a visa, if so which one and how do I apply? Do I need to learn a new language? And the list goes on! There is a lot that needs to be done before you even get there.

Now if you’ll please excuse me. I clearly have a long list of things to do…….




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