Bali = Happiness

Having super fun on the giant jumping pillow at Parklife in Canggu, Bali.

So it’s been over a week since the “big move”. Getting here wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. Packing up our home and it’s contents seemed daunting at the time. It was a big job, moving always is, let alone moving overseas. However, I think the fact that we sold the majority of our stuff really helped. Anything we held onto was put into a small storage unit. It’s amazing what you can fit into those things! You of course make sure that each belonging is strategically placed, ensuring every inch of space is fully utilised – a Tetris gamer’s wet dream 😂. But once filled, it was a little surreal to look at. To see what essentially represented our lives in Sydney, jammed into such a confined space (all 10 years of it). Somehow representing, that what little possessions we did have left, didn’t really amount to, or even mean, much. And that all we really needed for this next big step in our lives, was each other.

My son has settled into the first week of international school better than I ever hoped. It’s just so different to what he is used to; small classes with outstanding teacher to student ratios, children from all around the world, study individually tailored to each child, national teachers as well as international teachers and homely school grounds in a tropical setting with outstretched rice paddy fields in the background. This morning I asked him, “How are you liking your new school? Is it different to school in Australia?”. He answered with a definitive, “Yeah! It’s waaaaaay better than my old public school”. Music to my ears 😁. He’s even started to pick up the local language (and a couple of others – thanks to his new multicultural school friends). I get pretty emotional knowing how happy my son is here. It’s the icing on the cake really, the preverbal cherry on the sundae. Hubby and I already knew how good this would be for our family, but to see my son actually reap those rewards is very special. He’s at an age now that experiences like these will leave a lasting impression, and hopefully a very positive one at that.

Hubby and I can’t believe how fast we’ve all settled in. Although, moving to Bali was never going to be a shock or a huge transition, as we had already spent so much time here and knew what to expect. It is after all, a place that had us returning, year after year. We often imagined what it would be like to make Bali our home. Funnily enough, we talked to a lot of people who’ve toyed with the same idea; “Yeah, we’ve thought about doing that”. I guess we got past the point of just thinking and we’re ready to “just do”. However, there was a point where I was scared of such a big change. Well, that was my initial reaction anyway. But then I thought about what would actually change and how the majority of those things were positive. There were the positive physical things, like Hubby and I not working (whoop whoop), warmer weather year round, spectacular food – stellar cafes and restaurants aplenty, better schools (if you can afford it) and just a better lifestyle in general. Then there were the positive mental and emotional effects of being able to spend more quality family time together, being able to feel more relaxed, being able to take the time for proper self-care and most of all, being able to provide an environment for our children that would see them flourish. I quickly realised that all those things equaled happiness and that being scared can hold you back.

So, here we are…. Happy. Very happy!