Insta-Ham. Why the Shamelessly Overplayed Lives of Instagram are Bad for Your Health.

You can’t swing an iPhone X these days without experiencing the picture perfect lives of an influencer or two… thousand on Instagram. Their feeds often display carefully coloured palettes in perfect pastels, painstakingly choreographed scenarios and outrageously ostentatious outpours of braggadocio. All a steady stream of contrived snapshots portraying their seemingly envious lifestyles.

But deep down inside we know it’s not IRL, right? So then why are so many of us trying to emulate the “fake” lives of such shysters? Are we dying to be just as phoney? Does promoting our lives as a world full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows really make us happy? Perhaps it’s all just a case of the old green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head? Or is Instagram the perfect excuse to showoff? I mean, are we all just another Kelis trying to prove, “My ‘Milkshake‘ is better than yours”?

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