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“As parents, we’re constantly learning, growing and adapting. Each a perpetual process offering challenges, rewards and love beyond comprehension – a child is a gift and a parent is forever”.

Eight years ago I became Mumma to a boisterous boy, followed 6 years later by a little girl with a whole heap of sass. Deciding to document my second birth, I created this blog.

I wrote about the life form that grew within and the experiences that went with it. I already had one child in play, but introducing number two into the world was a whole new ball game. The first couple of months with my newborn daughter was rough and the thought of continuing my blog seemed arduous. So there my blog lingered, in limbo. 

Now my blog has evolved! As I approach my 40’s (Eeek!), with 2 kids under my belt and a hubby to boot, my little family unit and I decided to take our lives to the next level. We uprooted our lives in Oz and headed for the exotic shores of Canggu in Bali to satiate my cravings for wonderlust, focus on good quality family time, and to take a super-extended-holiday of a lifetime.

Behold, my epic family adventure!

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