Insta-Ham. Why the Shamelessly Overplayed Lives of Instagram are Bad for Your Health.

You can’t swing an iPhone X these days without experiencing the picture perfect lives of an influencer or two… thousand on Instagram. Their feeds often display carefully coloured palettes in perfect pastels, painstakingly choreographed scenarios and outrageously ostentatious outpours of braggadocio. All a steady stream of contrived snapshots portraying their seemingly envious lifestyles.

But deep down inside we know it’s not IRL, right? So then why are so many of us trying to emulate the “fake” lives of such shysters? Are we dying to be just as phoney? Does promoting our lives as a world full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows really make us happy? Perhaps it’s all just a case of the old green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head? Or is Instagram the perfect excuse to showoff? I mean, are we all just another Kelis trying to prove, “My ‘Milkshake‘ is better than yours”?

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Bali = Happiness

Having super fun on the giant jumping pillow at Parklife in Canggu, Bali.

So it’s been over a week since the “big move”. Getting here wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. Packing up our home and it’s contents seemed daunting at the time. It was a big job, moving always is, let alone moving overseas. However, I think the fact that we sold the majority of our stuff really helped. Anything we held onto was put into a small storage unit. It’s amazing what you can fit into those things! You of course make sure that each belonging is strategically placed, ensuring every inch of space is fully utilised – a Tetris gamer’s wet dream 😂. But once filled, it was a little surreal to look at. To see what essentially represented our lives in Sydney, jammed into such a confined space (all 10 years of it). Somehow representing, that what little possessions we did have left, didn’t really amount to, or even mean, much. And that all we really needed for this next big step in our lives, was each other.

My son has settled into the first week of international school better than I ever hoped. It’s just so different to what he is used to; small classes with outstanding teacher to student ratios, children from all around the world, study individually tailored to each child, national teachers as well as international teachers and homely school grounds in a tropical setting with outstretched rice paddy fields in the background. This morning I asked him, “How are you liking your new school? Is it different to school in Australia?”. He answered with a definitive, “Yeah! It’s waaaaaay better than my old public school”. Music to my ears 😁. He’s even started to pick up the local language (and a couple of others – thanks to his new multicultural school friends). I get pretty emotional knowing how happy my son is here. It’s the icing on the cake really, the preverbal cherry on the sundae. Hubby and I already knew how good this would be for our family, but to see my son actually reap those rewards is very special. He’s at an age now that experiences like these will leave a lasting impression, and hopefully a very positive one at that.

Hubby and I can’t believe how fast we’ve all settled in. Although, moving to Bali was never going to be a shock or a huge transition, as we had already spent so much time here and knew what to expect. It is after all, a place that had us returning, year after year. We often imagined what it would be like to make Bali our home. Funnily enough, we talked to a lot of people who’ve toyed with the same idea; “Yeah, we’ve thought about doing that”. I guess we got past the point of just thinking and we’re ready to “just do”. However, there was a point where I was scared of such a big change. Well, that was my initial reaction anyway. But then I thought about what would actually change and how the majority of those things were positive. There were the positive physical things, like Hubby and I not working (whoop whoop), warmer weather year round, spectacular food – stellar cafes and restaurants aplenty, better schools (if you can afford it) and just a better lifestyle in general. Then there were the positive mental and emotional effects of being able to spend more quality family time together, being able to feel more relaxed, being able to take the time for proper self-care and most of all, being able to provide an environment for our children that would see them flourish. I quickly realised that all those things equaled happiness and that being scared can hold you back.

So, here we are…. Happy. Very happy!




“The Gu”

*Sighs* Bali…… I can’t help but feel super relaxed and uber happy every time I’m there. Sure, the excellent yoga studios, multitude of day spas, and overwhelming choice of high calibre restaurants, help. But of course, it all depends on where you go.

Kuta springs to a lot of people’s minds when you mention Bali. A tourist mecca that’s over run in every way. It can get a bad wrap and for good reason. Obviously, I’m not a fan. I bring it up because sadly, some people never get to see past all that. When in fact, it’s such a tiny area of a large and beautiful island. There are soooooooo many other places in Bali I’d rather be! But then again, some people are into that sort of thing – whatever floats your boat.

So I guess when you’re choosing what part of the island to live on, you want somewhere that’s conducive to the kind of life you want to live. Is it a sleepy seaside village you’re after? Or a bustling city filled with tourists (and traffic galore) with endless entertainment for young and old? How about living in the cultural heart and immersing yourself in endless green? Or do you want a hipster hub that offers everything on trend? Bali can cater to those who want the simplest (and cheapest!) of lifestyles, right through to the total luxe lovers amongst us. Then again why stay put? You can always sample a bit of everything. It’s a place that has something for everyone.

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A New Chapter

IMG_4769.jpgIMG_4769 2.jpg

We’re moving to……


We have spent a lot of time in Bali over the years, not only as a family, but even before we had kids. It’s a place we know well and hold close to our hearts. So it makes sense that we would choose to live there. To us, Bali means a hot climate with evergreen rice paddy fields, surf galore, foodie heaven, endless beach clubs, rich culture, villas to die for and a laid back, easy-going lifestyle. Not to mention the Balinese people are just the nicest! Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and lucky for us, they just love kids. I once asked one of our indigenous Balinese friends, what the secret was to their relaxed and happy demeanour? He said, “pergi seperti air”, which means; go like the water. He explained that like the flow of the river, it cannot be controlled and you must go where the water goes. All you can do is look out for what is right in front of you, sometimes it goes “this way or that way”, but what can you do? So, you just go with it…… It’s a philosophy that opened my eyes to a people who have the right approach to life. Not to mention they also hold extremely strong community values. How nice is it that we’ll get to be a part of that!

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It’s Been a While………

They’re not babies anymore!

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since my last blog post! Total cliché, but “time flies” and “kids grow up so fast”! The “Little Guy” is not so little anymore – he’s now 8 years old with the attitude of an 18-year-old. And my little bun that was in the oven, is now 2 and all kinds of sassy. Unfortunately, when I gave birth my blog ended abruptly. The first couple of months with my newborn daughter was rough and the thought of blogging seemed arduous. So after a long hiatus, here I am.

Life these last couple of years has been pretty sweet. Sure there’s been the obligatory sleepless nights, repeated illnesses, head lice and worms have featured heavily, irritating stubbornness, tears and tantrums (not just the kids). You know, all the good stuff 😜. There have been tough depressing times and joyful make-your-heart-explode moments. Raising children is the stuff dreams/nightmares are made of 😂. It’s an emotional rollcoaster ride of bipolar proportions. But for the most part, it’s an experience you realise you couldn’t live without.

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I’m so over being pregnant!

38 weeks pregnant and about to hit my 39th. I had an appointment with my midwife early on in the week. She did her usual check-up and pronounced that the baby is ready to come out – “It could be anyway day now”. She could see that my tummy has completely dropped, could feel that my baby’s head is engaged and said I’m about two centimetres dilated. Not only that, but I have been suffering from a myriad of aches, pains and annoyances which all point to the fact that my bun is done. 

shutterstock_about to pop (1)

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Is it okay to have more than one baby shower?

shutterstock_baby shower37 weeks pregnant and one of my closest girlfriends organised a little baby sprinkle for me. Why a sprinkle you ask? Well first off, I wasn’t sure about having a second baby shower/celebration in the first place, as it made me feel a little uncomfortable. The fact that I already had one for my son (albeit 6 years ago) means I have a few of the essentials already. So I felt like having another might be bad etiquette, come across presumptuous, or may even be seen as socially unacceptable. 

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very pregnant woman holding yellow alarm clock with one hand and pointing at it with the other

The waiting game….

So I’m only a few weeks off my due date and haven’t bothered writing for the last couple of weeks because I haven’t had anything worth reporting. Right now I feel like I’m so close, yet so far. I think the fact that I had my son one week early at 39 weeks also makes me feel that this baby could be early too. 

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to patterns in arrival time with subsequent births. Mothers I know have said, “I was one week early with my first child and two weeks early with the second” and “I was one week early with all three of my children”. My sister’s children came early too, but at 34 weeks with her first and 35 weeks with her second. I guess I just have in my mind that I’ll probably give birth a week early as I did with my son, or maybe even two weeks early. Another reason I think that is I have just seen my midwife, who says the baby’s head is well down and starting to engage. With my son, his head didn’t engage until I was in labour. I’ve also read that first babies are more likely to engage than following births. So the fact my baby’s head is starting to engage already (and she’s my second), makes me think she’ll be early.

At the opposite end of the scale I have also heard of women being “ready” at 36 weeks pregnant and end up being overdue. Then a mum at my son’s school said she was 7 weeks early with her first child and 10 days overdue with her second. So I guess you just never really know! 

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The Babymoon

So as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m actually running a few weeks behind in terms of my pregnancy posts. So am trying my best to play catch ups and finally get up-to-date. Having said that, this week’s post is on the Babymoon Hubby and I went on at 34 weeks pregnant. 

The time where our family of three will soon be four is drawing near. So I organise a short trip away for just Hubby and I to enjoy some “Alone time” before baby arrives, otherwise known as a Babymoon. The word “Babymoon” has become quite the buzz word with expectant couples over the years and rightly so. Taking some time out just the two of you, before baby arrives is important. Besides, it could be quite some time before you get the chance to do it again! Hubby and I have always made sure that we spend time to focus on our relationship when we can. Like date nights and romantic weekends away – pending grandparents availability to look after The Little Guy. After all, this whole having kids thing started with the love we have for each other, so it’s important to keep the flame alive. Mostly for us, but we feel it’s important for our kid/s to see too.

I decide on somewhere close that feels img_0072“out of town”, but only a couple of hours from where we live. That way we’re not too far from home if there are any emergencies. The boutique hotel we stay at is “adults only”, which is just heavenly. Hubby and I spend the days just lazing around the pool, sleeping in, enjoy long leisurely breakfasts, lunches and dinners, reading books and magazines. My favourite thing was being able to go to the beach and go out deep into the surf with Hubby and enjoy the waves together. Usually you’re stuck in the shallows whilst you supervise your little one and you and Hubby go taggies on going in for a “Real swim”. Basically, we did anything we can’t do when you have a child constantly at your beck and call. 

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Stork making its nest


33 weeks pregnant and I have the urge to get the rest of the baby things in order. Like set up a nappy change station, put together the pram, install the car capsule, assemble the bassinet and give our bedroom (where the baby will be sleeping) a good dusting. Apparently they call these urges “Nesting”. It’s actually quite animalistic and occur in a variety of species, with hormones being the trigger. Typically experienced by Mummas-to-be at the tail end of pregnancy, characteristics include sudden cleaning frenzies and the overzealous need to prepare your home for baby’s arrival. 

In my first pregnancy I  remember sitting up in bed at 5 am one morning, with a very urgent need to vacuum the baby’s room. After I finished the vacuuming I proceeded to go through the baby’s drawers and make sure all his clothes were folded and organised correctly (like they weren’t already). Then lastly rearranging some the nursery furniture to “Better utilise the space”. Hubby woke up a couple of hours later to find me in the baby’s room all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and feeling very accomplished. I remember us both laughing at the situation, thinking that it was a little cuckoo and wondered where on earth my sudden burst of energy came from.

This time around I have not set up a separate room for the baby and instead have decided to just set up a couple of things in Hubby and I’s room. Looking back to when I was preparing for my son’s arrival, I probably had more than I needed. We also didn’t move him into his own room until he was 6 months old and sleeping right through the night. Being a first time mum you always think you need more than you do, besides you’ve never done it before, so how would you really know. 

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