The Babymoon

So as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m actually running a few weeks behind in terms of my pregnancy posts. So am trying my best to play catch ups and finally get up-to-date. Having said that, this week’s post is on the Babymoon Hubby and I went on at 34 weeks pregnant. 

The time where our family of three will soon be four is drawing near. So I organise a short trip away for just Hubby and I to enjoy some “Alone time” before baby arrives, otherwise known as a Babymoon. The word “Babymoon” has become quite the buzz word with expectant couples over the years and rightly so. Taking some time out just the two of you, before baby arrives is important. Besides, it could be quite some time before you get the chance to do it again! Hubby and I have always made sure that we spend time to focus on our relationship when we can. Like date nights and romantic weekends away – pending grandparents availability to look after The Little Guy. After all, this whole having kids thing started with the love we have for each other, so it’s important to keep the flame alive. Mostly for us, but we feel it’s important for our kid/s to see too.

I decide on somewhere close that feels img_0072“out of town”, but only a couple of hours from where we live. That way we’re not too far from home if there are any emergencies. The boutique hotel we stay at is “adults only”, which is just heavenly. Hubby and I spend the days just lazing around the pool, sleeping in, enjoy long leisurely breakfasts, lunches and dinners, reading books and magazines. My favourite thing was being able to go to the beach and go out deep into the surf with Hubby and enjoy the waves together. Usually you’re stuck in the shallows whilst you supervise your little one and you and Hubby go taggies on going in for a “Real swim”. Basically, we did anything we can’t do when you have a child constantly at your beck and call. 

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The excitement of becoming a big brother and 5 reasons why I’m glad we had to wait so long for baby number 2.

32 weeks pregnant and The Little Guy is getting increasingly excited about his little sister’s arrival. He learnt early on that when my stomach is the size of a small watermelon the baby will be ready to come out. While that’s still a little while off, he can clearly see my tummy is now growing at an exponential rate and it won’t be too long now. He loves grabbing my bare stomach, rubbing his little hands over my huge, round belly whilst declaring, “It’s just like a giant dumpling”. Then he whispers sweet sentiments into my belly button like, “Hello baby can you hear me? I love you”. Or at night before he goes to bed he hugs my belly and says, “Good night baby, have a good sleep, see you in the morning”. It’s a beautiful thing to see your eldest dote over their younger sibling, even if they haven’t been born yet. shutterstock_big-brother

Having a 6 year age gap between our fist and second born wasn’t exactly what Hubby and I had in mind. Unfortunately there were a couple of health issues that came up for me along the way that prevented us from being able to conceive. I know everyone has their own idea of what is a “good” age gap. I just think there are some significant benefits in a wide age gap and here’s why;

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photo of three day old baby lying on parent's chest

Remembering reality with a newborn.

29 weeks pregnant and I’m starting to think about how long it’s been since I’ve had to take care of a newborn. I had my son almost 6 years ago and am afraid I’ll be a bit out of practice. I mean what will it be like this time around? Do I even remember what on earth I’m supposed to do with it? I definitely remember all the good stuff! Like the loved up days I spent right after my son was born, just staring at him. Hubby and I would cuddle on the couch together with him in our arms for hours. We would sigh in awe of this tiny human that we had created and talk about how lucky we were to blessed with such a gift. At the time I often wondered if my heart might literally explode with all the emotion and love I was feeling. 

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Baby brain and loosing the art of articulation

So at 26 weeks I think I have been lucky enough to shutterstock_baby-brain(so far) avoid suffering from the brunt of “Baby brain”. I can on occasion have my moments, but I think I’ve managed to get off relatively scot-free. I remember in my first pregnancy it struck me quite early on in the first trimester. It was bad enough to make me feel as though I was totally loosing my mind, it then got progressively worse as the pregnancy went on. After giving birth it also managed to hang around for quite some time. Although, hubby would probably argue that it never went away. There is actual scientific research out there to show that the pregnancy induced fog of absent-mindedness, is a real “thing” and not a myth as previously thought. The research also reveals that it can hang around for up to two years after giving birth!

Now approaching the end of my second trimester and having avoided any major “Baby brain” blunders. I do however feel as though I’m struggling with being able to articulate myself properly. I seem to be losing the ability to find the right words to use in everyday conversation. It’s not the generalised forgetfulness most pregnant/new Mummas experience, but a more localised one. I could be in the middle of talking to someone and then all of a sudden I’ve lost the right words to say, they just completely *poof* disappear. Sometimes I even find myself making up words in the moment, especially when the word is on the tip of my tongue. For example I could be thinking of two different words that are associated with the correct word I’m wanting to use, but then in the end I end up mashing the two words together and blurt out some strange new made-up word instead. It’s a kind of tongue-tied fluster or speech dyslexia. At least most people find it entertaining and I usually get a laugh or two out of it. 

On a complete side note my belly button has now transformed from an innie to an outie. Obviously my uterus is enlarged to the point of pushing everything out – it looks like someone has stuck a beach ball to my stomach!  Unfortunately, my husband is totally grossed out by my new “outie”. Even when he rubs my belly and accidentally brushes over it, he screws his face up, recoils his hand in disgust and lets out an “Ew”. Well at least I can be thankful that that’s the only thing he seems to be turned off by in my pregnant state. 

plethora of girls names written pink to form the shape of a crawling baby

7 baby names that Hubby and I can’t agree on and why.

All parents-to-be go through the sometimes arduous task of trying to decide on a name for their child. You may both have your own ideas of what you feel may be cute, adorable, trendy etc, but then your partner could completely blow it out of the water. Here’s a list of 7 girls names my hubby and I had individually intended to call our baby and the responses on why we couldn’t agree. 

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Mumma guilt: is it really worth the trip?

At 24 weeks pregnant I’m finding myself quite sensitive and easily pissed off, most likely attributed to those prominent pesky pregnancy hormones. I seem to be really over thinking things lately (probably a trait I suffered from before pregnancy, but more so now). I’ve mostly been mulling over my past parenting mistakes and things I could have done differently. Like when my son had just turned two and I closed the car door on his poor little fingers. Or the time I put him in a bath filled with super hot water, because I didn’t check the water temperature first. I felt terrible about it! At the time I imagined other mothers looking down at me thinking “Quick, someone call child services!”. Yeah I made a few boo boos, probably more than I care to mention, but show me a mother who doesn’t.

shutterstock_guilt-ball-and-chain-jpgAt the end of the day The Little Guy came out completely unscathed. However, for some reason, I decided to beat myself up for it. Like somehow was a bad mum for not making more of an effort to prevent those things. At the end of the day I need to put things into perspective and understand that they were mistakes. Mistakes, which in the grand scheme of things, were small. I’ve learnt from them and hopefully won’t be making them again with baby number two. It’s funny though as parents how we can sometimes struggle to let things like that go. *Frozen’s “Let it go” blasts through my head*. 

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A sign saying "keep calm it's a baby girl"

Eek, I’m having a girl! Here’s why I’m already a concerned mother for my unborn daughter.

So I’m 20 weeks (halfway through my pregnancy) and have discovered that the beautiful little baby growing in my belly, is a girl. However, to be honest, I had always imagined myself having boys, as I felt (perhaps naively) that it would be easier. I know parents-to-be aren’t “supposed” to suffer from gender disappointment, but secretly they do. People say “Why does it matter, as long as it’s healthy?”. Whilst I agree with that statement and at the end of the day no matter what, I will love that baby with my whole heart and soul, some people have their reasons.

My notion of wanting to just raise boys probably stems from the fact that I am one of six girls in my family. Having five sisters I know all too well the social dramas, hormonal changes, conformable pressures, pop culture influences and self-esteem issues a young woman is exposed to and really struggles with. Although I know and understand that boys too can also experience these things. I do feel that in regards to things like the media, which can have a major influence, girls are slightly more targeted and thus can be more exposed to, or pressurised by what certain marketing channels are portraying. In a world that is currently driven by glossy magazines, talentless reality “stars” and social media, I worry how I will help my daughter combat a world whose media is not only constantly promoting superficial beauty, but glorifying the sexual objectification of young women. 

Women are endlessly bombarded by all sorts of beauty products that promise to make them “look better”. Not to mention the constant stream of provocative images that are being flaunted by magazines, celebrities and music videos. These things alone are teaching our girls that there is a social standard of how women should look, and that sexually personifying your body can earn you kudos. I mean, we all know the negative body image ramifications these certain forms of media are perpetuating. How many teenage girls (even tweens) do you see on Instagram or Facebook posting seductive selfies? You see these poor girls that are scantily clad, posing with pouty lips, face slapped up with make-up to look like they’re five years older, just so they can measure how much people “like” them. These days you can even use different types of filters, apps and Photoshop tools to cosmetically tweak your photos, so that you don’t even end up looking like you. And yes, there are grown women out there doing the same, so it begs the question: Why are we so god damn afraid of people seeing who we really are?! In the good ol’ days you took a photo and what you saw was what you got. No smoke and mirrors to hide behind or deceive others. Young women these days are being taught to obsess over their physical image and be less authentic versions of themselves!

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Return of the morning sickness from hell!

Okay like I said in my last post, I’m running behind with actually posting my pieces. Although I’m constantly writing and am up-to-date in “real time”. I’m just too slow at actually getting them online and up on my site. I’m of course going to blame it on the fact the I’m one busy Mumma (aren’t we all!). But regardless, my New Year’s resolution from here on in is to get them out there faster and more frequently. 

Vector of girl with purple hair vomiting green liquid.
Current mood

As I mentioned in my last post, I suspected my prolonged “morning sickness” was getting more intense. Indeed it was! This week I’m 15 weeks pregnant and find myself constantly chained to the toilet, head rammed in the bowl, except now I’m actually vomiting my guts out. This is all while The Little Guy tries to wrap his head around the fact that the majority of my attention has shifted from him to my rampant hurling. Like I have a choice!

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child holding "I'm being promoted to big brother" sign

Breaking the news to The Little Guy.

So I’m hitting my second trimester and I really don’t have anything different to report. I’m still suffering from constant nausea which is still particularly bad at night. There was a moment there I thought it had subsided, but “The Sickness” seems to be making a come back. Still no actual vomiting as yet, but feeling totally crap when it hits me. Apparently by the second trimester the nausea is supposed to calm down, so the next couple of weeks should bring some welcome relief (fingers crossed). As I’m feeling continually sick I’m still pretty unmotivated, tired and emotional. 

My belly has rounded out a little. I’m not quite sure if people think I look like I’m sporting the beginnings of a baby bump or I’ve had one too many big macs for lunch. I’m at that in-between stage where I look like it could be either. 

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Daddy gets an A for effort.

While I’m only 11 weeks pregnant my poor Hubby has already had to put up with my snapping, constant complaining, non-stop napping, relentless crying, my annoying need to argue against any valid point he makes, pulling my nose up at the offensively suspect smells he seems to be omitting (now that’s probably not a recent thing, but my sense of smell has currently gone off the charts) and then there’s my general inability to do anywhere near as much as I usually do around the house. Even though I’ve been a complete lump and total pain in the arse, he seems to be taking it all in his stride. Let’s also not forget the fact that I have deprived him of sex for almost 3 months! Which I wrote about a few weeks ago; “The Fear: Why I’ve chosen to give up sex and exercise in the first trimester“. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking he deserves a bloody great big medal by now, and to be honest he probably does. 

Sure, due to all my hormonal changes he’s had to take on a little more responsibility around the house and with our son, on top of slogging his guts out at work. However, as he’s not always used to tending to parental and household duties on a large-scale, he can sometimes manage to miss a thing or two. Here’s a great example:

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