Early pregnancy symptoms. Let the fun begin.

Embryo (more like alien) at 5 weeks.

In the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from the usual early pregnancy suspects. Most days are filled with tender breasts and when i say “tender”, I mean like, touch them and I’ll KILL you (sorry Hubby). Cramps similar to those of my period. Crying at, well, anything really. I mean (don’t ask me why) the movie Lara Croft: Tomb raider set me off in tears the other day! And not just because it’s really bad. I also have some serious pregnancy bloating going on. I seem to go from my current 5 weeks to (what feels like) 20 after every time I eat a meal. I mean is that even normal?

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The egg before the baby


Reproductive science has come a long way and it’s giving woman like me (with not only a rapidly ticking biological clock, but other fertility issues) a better chance at conceiving. Whether it’s going through IVF, taking fertility drugs or doing something as simple as having a transvaginal – meaning through the vagina (I had to look it up) – ultrasound. I recently underwent one of these ultrasounds and it revealed a lot about my current reproductive abilities. Read More

Why I want to write a pregnancy blog, but can’t.


I had always thought that I would write about my second pregnancy. Approximately 40 weeks of logging and sharing my womb’s who, what, why. Unfortunately, the idea is great in theory, just not so great in practice. After 8 months, my uterus is still vacant *sigh*. I may just have to adapt and focus my writing on something else? I can’t just keep waiting around hoping my body will change its mind one month. I mean, what if it never happens?! Eek!

I have thought about writing a blog on the trials and tribulations of a 30-somethings challenge to conceive. However, after spending these long months hoping and wishing, my emotions are running high and it could all get too heavy. All I really wanted was an honest, light-hearted, preferably humorous, recount of my pregnancy journey. Sure, there’s an audience for both. I’m just not sure I could bare that part of my soul. Especially with an audience that could mainly consist of complete strangers.   Read More