Introducing Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Okay this is getting ridiculous! Where the hell is the 2nd trimester respite and relief all the pregnancy sites write about? It can’t be normal that I’m 16 weeks pregnant and this sick?! The constant vomiting non-stop all day for the last week and a bit has been torture and has really taken its toll. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even want to eat as I know all I do is throw it straight back up. Sometimes I’m so vomited out I feel as though I’m just throwing up water and stomach acid. I’ve spent the last couple of days in bed, too weak to do anything and spend a lot of the time crying, wondering why this pregnancy is as horrible as it is. Not to mention I feel like such a bad Mumma right now. The house looks like a bomb’s gone off and I’m sure The Little Guy is feeling neglected. Thank god for Preschool and play days at the neighbours. Hubby is very concerned with how ridiculously unwell I am. 

Finally, I decide that it can’t just be “morning sickness” and head to my doctor’s after the morning preschool drop. By this stage I’m very gaunt looking and sporting a glowing green tinge. Whilst in the waiting room I’m asked by two strangers if I’m okay and did I need assistance. Dear God, I must look like death warmed up! As I sit in my doctor’s office and recount how horrifically sick I’ve been, tears of exhaustion and helplessness stream down my face. In a very sympathetic and concerned manner she tells me I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She explains that with how long it has gone on for and in the weakened state I’m in, I need to head straight to emergency. She writes me an admission letter for the hospital and off I go.

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Return of the morning sickness from hell!

Okay like I said in my last post, I’m running behind with actually posting my pieces. Although I’m constantly writing and am up-to-date in “real time”. I’m just too slow at actually getting them online and up on my site. I’m of course going to blame it on the fact the I’m one busy Mumma (aren’t we all!). But regardless, my New Year’s resolution from here on in is to get them out there faster and more frequently. 

Vector of girl with purple hair vomiting green liquid.
Current mood

As I mentioned in my last post, I suspected my prolonged “morning sickness” was getting more intense. Indeed it was! This week I’m 15 weeks pregnant and find myself constantly chained to the toilet, head rammed in the bowl, except now I’m actually vomiting my guts out. This is all while The Little Guy tries to wrap his head around the fact that the majority of my attention has shifted from him to my rampant hurling. Like I have a choice!

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child holding "I'm being promoted to big brother" sign

Breaking the news to The Little Guy.

So I’m hitting my second trimester and I really don’t have anything different to report. I’m still suffering from constant nausea which is still particularly bad at night. There was a moment there I thought it had subsided, but “The Sickness” seems to be making a come back. Still no actual vomiting as yet, but feeling totally crap when it hits me. Apparently by the second trimester the nausea is supposed to calm down, so the next couple of weeks should bring some welcome relief (fingers crossed). As I’m feeling continually sick I’m still pretty unmotivated, tired and emotional. 

My belly has rounded out a little. I’m not quite sure if people think I look like I’m sporting the beginnings of a baby bump or I’ve had one too many big macs for lunch. I’m at that in-between stage where I look like it could be either. 

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Daddy gets an A for effort.

While I’m only 11 weeks pregnant my poor Hubby has already had to put up with my snapping, constant complaining, non-stop napping, relentless crying, my annoying need to argue against any valid point he makes, pulling my nose up at the offensively suspect smells he seems to be omitting (now that’s probably not a recent thing, but my sense of smell has currently gone off the charts) and then there’s my general inability to do anywhere near as much as I usually do around the house. Even though I’ve been a complete lump and total pain in the arse, he seems to be taking it all in his stride. Let’s also not forget the fact that I have deprived him of sex for almost 3 months! Which I wrote about a few weeks ago; “The Fear: Why I’ve chosen to give up sex and exercise in the first trimester“. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking he deserves a bloody great big medal by now, and to be honest he probably does. 

Sure, due to all my hormonal changes he’s had to take on a little more responsibility around the house and with our son, on top of slogging his guts out at work. However, as he’s not always used to tending to parental and household duties on a large-scale, he can sometimes manage to miss a thing or two. Here’s a great example:

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First trimester pregnancy symptoms. The fun continues!

Okay, so far I’ve been experiencing all day sickness, sore breasts, extreme tiredness, bloating of the third degree, not to mention I’m starting to feel as though I need to see an endocrinologist – the hormones causing me to cry all the time are obviously out of control and need reining in – STAT! Oh, did I mention the angry killer facial pimples that have raised their ugly pustule filled heads in the last month? 

Now that I’m at week 10, let’s add a couple more to the mix shall we? woman-with-headacheTension
headaches – front and centre, enter nose bleed – stage left. At the beginning of the week there were a few days in a row where I felt as though my head were in a vice. I was feeling quite the pressure across the front sides of my forehead and found myself constantly rubbing my temples, in the hope the pain would miraculously disappear. 

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My first trimester hacks

Week 9 and I’ve managed to work my way through a few prominent pregnancy pests, by discovering a preggy hack or two. The first is a personalised technique I’ve developed that I like to call “controlled crying”. I use this technique to tackle my constant crying outbursts head on, and it’s great for when you’re at work or in public. It’s when something or someone triggers an immediate surge of particularly sad emotions (which has been constantly lately) and before I know it my eyeballs start to well up. What I do is I catch myself before the first tear drops and yell to myself (in my head, as I want to avoid coming off super mental to any onlookers) “Get a grip you soft idiot, they’re just hormones!”. Then I quickly blink the excess moisture away, take a deep breath and get on with my day. 

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In pregnancy do I need a multivitamin and when do I need the extra calories?

At 7 weeks pregnant I pay my doctor a visit so that I can get referrals for a local hospital and 12 week scan. I also have a couple of important questions that need answering. She double checks my initial blood work, tells me they’re great and begins to write out my referrals. I take this opportunity to ask her;

Do I need to take a pregnancy multivitamin?  

I mention that I’m currently only taking an i-folate (the “i” stands for iodine) supplement (my doctor actually recommended that I start taking this whilst trying to conceive) and asked whether, like most pregnant mums-to-be I know, I should also be taking a pregnancy multivitamin. I have generally always made an effort to eat healthy and keep my diet balanced, by eating plenty of fresh whole foods and try cooking everything myself from scratch. As the doctor is aware of my healthy eating and lifestyle, she says there is no need for someone like me to take a pregnancy multivitamin at this stage. That for now the i-folate supplement will suffice and we can revisit the need for other supplements should I need them further along in the pregnancy. shutterstock_412146679

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“Morning Sickness”. When the name doesn’t say it all.

They say morning sickness typically begins around the 6 week mark. Boy, we’re “they” right! At 6 weeks it kind of hit me like a freight train. It started the other morning whilst enjoying a lie in with Hubby and The Little Guy. It began as a gentle nudge of nausea. Then shortly after, I couldn’t help but feel as though the contents of my stomach were strongly protesting its usual confines and rigorously seeking a swift exit – up and out. I raced to the bathroom and ungraciously thrust my head over the toilet whilst I retched into the bowl. FYI, I find it extremely difficult to actually vomit, even at the sickest of times. In the last 10 years I can probably count at least 3 times I’ve actually blown chunks. Twice whilst being extraordinarily inebriated (very classy) and the othdsc_2436er whilst suffering from a mutant strain of gastro that swept my kid’s childcare centre. I don’t know if my inability to follow through is a good thing or not? But what I do know is that for the last few days I have suffered from “Morning Sickness” morning, noon and (mostly) night. Not only am I left feeling confused as to why they call it that, when clearly it’s not just “morning” – very misleading. I am left feeling very tired, drained and very closely resembling a piece of crap.  

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